Microbes of April

by Feng

My room became monastery, my body a haven for microbes
and the stench made things wobbly like a glass tunnel.

Somewhere in there, a greenhouse.
Still wings sticking up from cantaloupe like incense.

^(the above are rejected lines from an old poem. Reminds me of what happens in the winter, when I shut myself in my room and never come out)

Things that happened this month so far that I’ve loved:

  • The Secret of Kells at Sundance, Precious, and Kontroll
  • Spring makes me more productive.
  • Chocolate covered almonds

Things that I have learned…

  • I have a mild form of SAD.
  • I like to abuse mythology. This might be influenced by my affair with A. Carson.
  • Your brain does not care if you want to move on. It will continue to spasm with what has become a symbol to you, and it will play reels and reels of traumatic movies for no reason but habit.
  • It is difficult but necessary to know oneself.
  • You are not allowed to make more than 6 transfers from your savings account per month with penalty of $$$ fines. Well, I guess I’ll be checking my account and paypal settings more carefully now.
  • It is not important to be superficially productive all the time. 3D is really hot right now in filmland. I wish it were true for personality.