the unbearable lightness of being

by Feng

Kundera’s Sabina is the most interesting character in the book to me because she is the lightest. She thrives on betrayal and is immune to guilt. She is indifferent to history and enjoys desecrating family relics. She is aroused by humiliation.

I wonder about this lightness. Sometimes I think I understand it. Sometimes I want to break out of my skin because it is too heavy. All that water in the body. Sometimes I resent all the human business I have to do, to feel. The threads that obligate me to others, that I necessarily need in order to stay healthy. Sometimes I resent being human. There is too much gravity. Sabina is able to reject the burden of guilt and responsibility, much of which has to do with love. There is nothing between kitsch and nihilism to her.

What a strange kind of masochism maximal lightness is. What would it be like to love emptiness?


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