book camp

by Feng

Due to the unmanageable number of books in my reading pile, which has taken over most of my bed, floor, and raised surface areas, I have no choice but to set up a camp for myself in which I actually FINISH 2 books a week until I am done. And I will not check out or buy any new books until camp is over. I haven’t been able to read well lately because whenever I try to read anything, my eyes get shifty and I think: wait, what if I want to read something else? What if I would enjoy this other book better? or, wait, maybe I should be doing work right now. Maybe blah blah blah. I haven’t finished a book of fiction in ages. Or poetry. Mostly I’ve been picking at them like scabs.

Books this week that I will finish or else die: The Master and Margarita, and Decreation. Update due next Thursday.




image by ~Osox