reblog a reblog. what i learned on my class trip to national poetry month

by Feng



from april 1 to 30,  i wrote a poem a day (almost) along with a bunch of other rad writers scattered in places round the planet.  on the last day, i sent out a call to arms for their thoughts on the thing. at the end of summer camp/the buddhist retreat/the big breakup/your dying breath, you REFLECT. it’s what we do. so here’s the grand finale. here go the bottlerockets.

[boldering and brackets are all me, tommy. i thought this post was too awesome to avoid, especially when replacing poetry with thoughts and poets with people, then i think it becomes this amazingly eloquent view on life and reality that i wish i could even begin to comprehend to compose, so i’ve bolded in brackets my words replacing some of carrie’s words because honestly the only thing i know about poetry is that shakespeare wrote sonnets in iambic pentameter and that has somethin’ to do with drivin’… 10 and 2? oh no 10 and 5 right? … meh, close enough. oh and even though i chose thoughts and reflection to be the replacement words, it is quite clear that almost anything you think is major in life could go in those places.]

1. inside a nest we hatch as many lies as we can. but those lies are setting us straight. they are really saying, honestly.

2. habit can be formed! this is reassuring. holy cow is it reassuring.

3. [thinking] every day is terribly exciting. it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something important even when your laundry is piling up and the dishes are crusty and you are eating oatmeal out of a peanut butter jar and you keep waking up 10 minutes before you have to leave for work.

4. everything is observed, sure, but it can still be unexplored, ponce. get so curious and so desperate.

5. i’m pretty exhausted but happy, not unlike what happened back in the day of exercise.

6. i liked the group sharing because it made me feel close to you, the people who [shared their thoughts]. i feel that at it’s base, that the point of [reflection/thought] is to connect, not to alienate. though, sometimes i think [reflection] asks the [person] to fold inward… which is not the same as reaching out.

7. [reflective people] are all a little bit international jewel thief, a little bit dumpster diver. i like watching them steal pretty pieces of music, meeting agendas, bits from google analytics, the dropped beads of a stranger’s conversation, half of a [thought] born initially to another [person], sips from your drink. but the the re-planting is where the real excitement is.  i like seeing them gift back hard.

8. i felt accountable even when no one said anything about the days i missed. you guys were like motivation food. it was kind of like touring a [thought] factory. or, you know, a sweat shop. on your left, the [thoughts] before they are pasteurized and bottled up and given hand-sewn labels. on your left, the [thinker] being fattened up for slaughter.

9. i get why people are into blood brothering. why they are into those once a week group dinners. why i said things i never tell here. what a conversation it was, always full and necessary. what a privilege it is to feel your sore apple fists grow in, to be part of a whole tree’s fruiting.