weekly bookreads. aimee bender + anne carson

by Feng

So I said last week that I would read 2 books per week until I finished my insane pile of to-reads. I said I would read Decreation and Master and Margarita. Well, I did finish 2 books, but not Master and Margarita. I couldn’t get myself interested in MM, because while the plot was interesting, I was not in love with the voice. I read stories by Aimee Bender instead, and finished her book “An Invisible Sign of my Own”.

Decreation was enjoyable, especially the essays. I was moved by the first section, meditations on Carson’s mother’s illness. The essays were nice brain exercises. Always I was amazed by the connections and beautiful vocabulary. Some of the poetry was too esoteric for my taste. I believe that there is such a thing as art that is too “smart” and too removed. Still, when she hits the mark, there is no comparison.

I loved many of Bender’s short stories, particularly “Call my name” and “The Rememberer“. The novel AISOMY was good, but I wasn’t deeply engaged with it. The voice was too distant. Many touching scenes. Found the OCD persona a little trite, simply because there seems to be a trend among writers, at least amateur writers, who like to write about OCD afflicted characters or autistic personas and not always well. Bender’s was more convincing and interesting, but I still found it tired. It still gave me the weird aftertaste I got from reading The Mysterious Case of the Dog in the Night (which I hated). I think the novel would have worked better as a short story. Very great descriptions. Reminded me of Moore’s uniqueness, but less depressing.

I am proud of myself for sticking to my 2 books per week. More next Thursday, lovelies.


image by ~PixieDivision