I guess I graduated

by Feng

Don’t really have much to say. Neglected to register to walk in the ceremony. Emotion: tired–probably because I went out last night and had too many pub fries and Parmesan and garlic chips, which I fell in love with and asked to marry me.

Things I have learned from 5 years of college:

  • It’s okay to feel negative emotions.
  • Cynicism
  • Wanting to succeed at something does not mean that working at it is easier or more enjoyable than other pursuits.
  • On evil:  If you can imagine it, it has probably happened.
  • On love: Don’t make it complicated.
  • People are resilient.
  • Much of theory and philosophy is language games.
  • Everything will give you cancer.
  • Perspective
  • Transience is a good thing.
  • Really intelligent sheep are still sheep.
  • Happiness is not complicated and therefore not always interesting.

I am very grateful and lucky today, as I try to be everyday, but don’t always remember.

Happy graduation, everyone-who-is-graduating!


image by ~ewe-ewe