links and hairy things

by Feng

I haven’t updated with links of my stuff online for awhile.

Here are shorts from n w v
a link to an old one from Ophelia St.

I had a dream in which I was playing a game called Beasts and Bumpkins, and I had a team of men I was trying to turn into knights, but they couldn’t turn into knights because they were werewolves. I didn’t know until it was night, and they started freaking out, and then they died as werewolves. My other villagers were all killed by monsters before I could sell enough pigs/chickens to make money for defense mechanisms. Note: Human “werewolves” are real!

Bookcap: Read Ben Mirov’s Ghost Machine and liked it. Now am reading Nausea by Sartre, and it is awesome.  Tried to read sci-fi (the left hand of darkness) because I miss reading for plot, but failed sadly. Also trying to finish The Last Samurai by DeWitt and am struggling.

I’ve been revising and working on a poetry manuscript for a while now, and have reached the point where I realize that most of it is crap. Is this a sign of changing aesthetic or sharpening eyes? Or just that I’m in a bad mood? One may never know. Luckily, I’ve been working on new stuff over on antelopenvelope and snail-ly making prose that I like. Maybe these will turn into something before I realize “it is crap”.

In another dream, I used big thumbtacks to stick out my attacker’s eyeballs. Having needles as a motif in the flaming sister project may be the cause.

I miss  dreams in which giant moons overtake the sky benignly and nobody gets stabbed or killed.