the 25 things virus

by Feng

I have a lovely friend from long ago named Winky. We were best friends in middle school and we had lockers side by side because our surnames are almost the same. My locker smelled like skunk once. I thought I got sprayed somehow, but now it seems more and more suspicious. Anyway, Winky was probably my first real friend. She tagged me in her facebook note, so I will write a 25 things for her. I don’t want to start another tag chain on the book of faces, so I will put it here. Hi Winky!

  1. I sell jewelry on etsy but I don’t wear jewelry that much.
  2. I am infinitely bad at trivia. You don’t want me on your team. I probably won’t play, anyway.
  3. Some people think I am always on drugs because I am so mellow.
  4. I have difficulty finishing books if I don’t like them instantly, but I have trouble ending other relationships.
  5. Long toes.
  6. I’m drawn to strange things.
  7. After a while, those who are close to me realize that I seem to always have  tissue in my left hand.
  8. If I am tired or otherwise compromised, I cry at movies like Toy Story 3 or Jersey Girl.
  9. I am overly sensitive, which is probably why I have constructed a facade of calm and coolness over the years. This is interpreted as many things, I have been told, including: snottiness, coldness, sophistication, dissociation (which is probably true), pot smoking, etc. This also enables people to imagine that I am feeling or thinking exactly what they want.
  10. I have an absurdly high tolerance for annoying or neurotic people, and I don’t realize that they are actually annoying until I am otherwise informed. But this is not true for annoying music or literature.
  11. I am not fazed easily. This frightens some.
  12. Love miniatures. I’ll probably become an old lady who has a room full of tiny things. Why did they stop making Polly Pockets the right way? This hurts me.
  13. I don’t get attached to places.
  14. I like the winter because of the warm smell under the scarf.
  15. When I was an infant, people had to look at my face to see if I was crying because I was very quiet and did not make much noise.
  16. I am willing to talk about anything, but I do not readily share information, and there are some things I almost never share. These are the things that are most precious and essential to me, as well as the most depraved.
  17. I like the word “machine” as well as “method”.
  18. I used to like the Telly Tubbies. The show came out when I was past the age appropriate to watch it. But I hated Cailliou. Or whatever his name was. His voice made my skin crawl.
  19. Roller coasters and such thrills do not thrill me. I am not usually energetic, but can be on unique occasions.
  20. I don’t like milk (though I used to), and can’t really drink it, but I like the word milk, and things that have the word milk in them.
  21. I don’t like to wear white clothes. I don’t own any white socks. I also don’t really have a style of dress I stick to. My clothes are mostly used and mostly random.
  22. I am gullible and trusting, and this has caused much trouble, so being introverted and mostly allergic to the world has probably saved me from many evils and probably also death.
  23. I rarely get headaches. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a real one that has lasted more than a minute.
  24. I write very slowly.
  25. I find certain kinds of extroverted excitement and enthusiasm vulgar. This probably goes back to that fact that I am protective and secretive about what I truly care about.