vote for my poem “Glitter” in PPCA (if you like it)

by Feng


Do you know what time it is?
Yup, it’s time for all you devoted Palooka People to vote!

1) Please read the ABOUT THE AWARD section below before voting.
2) Only one vote per person, per e-mail address is allowed.
3) Please write the title of the poem you think should win in the SUBJECT portion of your e-mail.
4) Please tell us why you’ve selected this poem in the body of the e-mail.
5) Enjoy the read, the voting and the fact that YOU as a reader and fan are making an important decision that will decide the winner of a very competitive contest.

Send Votes:
The Hairdresser
by Deana Dueno

by Feng Chen

Thought I Had
by Jacob Uitti

The End of Time
by Jeremy Halinen

Slow Fade to Black
by Kelly Cockerham


Ever wonder what it’s like to judge a creative writing competition? Well,

now’s your chance!

We’re proud to announce the Palooka People’s Choice Award, a whole new
literary award experience. This is how it works: We select 5 finalists,
then YOU select the winner.

The five finalists will be named and their works will be uploaded onto the
Palooka website by the end of the summer. Then all you underdogs out there
will be able to read the entries and vote for your favorite. The winner
will be published in our debut Winter Issue.

We will alternate between poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for each issue’s
People’s Choice Award. For this round, we–or rather, you–will be
considering poetry. Every poetry submission we receive will be considered
for this award with NO ADDITIONAL CONTEST FEE.

So stay tuned and as soon as we round up five poems we find utterly
outstanding, we’ll hand them over to you for the final reading round.

Thank you, Palooka People, for your continued support and encouragement.