DIAGRAM! (this from email from Ander Monson, Editor)

by Feng

is out. Is terrifying. Is glorious. Is dressed-up as a sexy diagram (good halloween costume, kids!). Will be at your door this weekend. But you can find it now at: www.thediagram.com


Geoffrey Babbitt, Jenny Benjamin-Smith, Annah Browning, Sarah Carson, Feng Sun Chen, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Zachary Harris, Evan Harrison, Alec Hershman, Donna Hunt, Origsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa, John James, Terence Kuch, Jesse Lichtenstein, Angie Macri, Erin Lyndal Martin, Matt Mauch, Alan May, Brooke McGowen, Rachel Mennies, Andy Mozina, Hilary Plum, Cassie Schmitz, Eric Weinstein, and Emily Wolahan.

and I like:

Escape, John Gialanella, 2009