jam! and my brother does a lot of homework

by Feng

Brother is visiting for Turkey break. He spends a lot of time calculating the minute squirts of the body. One of his classes is about cardiology. I stole his worksheets and made a “poem”:

[hey baby]

flux after blood loss or flux before blood loss

“assume that no reflexes have responded to the hemorrhage initially”

half a liter of lost
blood is distributed such that

(you are a good victim! you are handsome and doe-like)

what is the drop honey

“what will happen to
the hematocrit of the blood donor within a half hour of donating blood”

explain your answer using the results from part f

that is where my blood is inserted into your long thin vessels
and you are filled


In other news, my mondobummer bummer is fresh and ready! You can support this awesome lady here. It’s an old long poem of mine and it involves jam. so buy… The Jam Jar:

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