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Jam (see previous post)

Someone awesome asked what I have been reading. Here are some things I have or am reading that I like from recent weeks…

Chelsey Minnis “Poemland”

Ariana Reines (all sorts of stuff)

S. Zizek “Violence”

Delueze & Guattari “1000 Plateaus”

Alice Notley “Descent of Alette”

“Poets on Teaching” Marie Wilkinson

James Brown “Unlikely”

Heidegger (various articles)

I feel like I should have read more but I am like one of those vacuum fish that suck up a lot of pebble and spit it out and sometimes actually swallows things. I have lost my ability to read most fiction and most poetry and am in a strange place. Mostly I am misunderstanding theory and reading modules on different ideas that kill other ideas… My brain is war-torn.

crazy sunset the other day…