yay, super arrow is super. I appear in this issue, which happens to have an emphasis on collaborative projects. From the editor’s letter: This issue is our largest yet, clocking in with 25 contributors. This has to do, in part, with our folio assignment this issue, TOGETHER NOW, which asked writers and artists to offer collaborative projects. Tamiko Beyer and Soham Patel offer a poem written on two different typewriters in two different states, while Jeremy Allan Hawkins and Brian Oliu sent e-mails to make prose across the Atlantic Ocean. Lauren Bender, Theresa Columbus and Megan McShea sat together to fill a single page with words. Elisa Gabbert and Kathleen Rooney are old hands, having used e-mail and a formal constraint to make together-work since 2006, while Teseleanu George and Hector Pineda literalized collaboration by making two collages. And last but not least, our inaugural audio contributors, newly marrieds Seth McKelvey and Chelsea Rice used response improvisation to combine poetry and piano. (Congrats, guys!)   Returning guest stars Becca Klaver, Chris Dennis, Phil Estes and MC Hyland – known best to us from their breathless words in Issue No. 2 – unite to talk about the happy and strange proportions of collaboration in our second CONVERSATION.   This, of course, is to say nothing of the sweetly daring, brisk and dangerously awesome work of J.A. Tyler, John Bradley, Feng Sun Chen, J. A. Gaye, Caroline Klocksiem, Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin, Dolly Lemke, Ben Nardolilli, Nick Ripatrazone, Sean Thibodeau, Bill Nace and Amelia Colette Jones. Each piece is a universe or polaroid unto itself, gesturing to the big things, meditating on the minute, getting at texture and experiment in some of our favorite ways.

by Feng

Super Arrow