some poems out there

by Feng

Why are all my poems the same. Earthworms!

I have made poems.

A poem about dear old Wukong from the days of yore but really it is about tongues and tubes in la petit zine. KISSES AND GUNS.

Some poems in Kill Author which is a nice community.

Also, Black Ocean is having a FREE BOOKS sale campaign thing that is ending today, and I have a book with them that will be born next year.

The other day, some poets and I buried some wishes in a garden and lit a candle. I hope that the wishes will be eaten by earthworms and distributed all over the truth of the soil.

I feel so old because I just found out who Ke$ha was yesterday or maybe someone mentioned her to me before was this the one who wanted to get drunk and party all the time and isn’t too ambitious like Lady Gaga? I have 20 tabs open and it’s her voice and I am horrified by my own response to her as she sings while I read/listen to the news…