Black Ocean Drive

by Feng

World, poets need to believe that small presses can thrive. Like Black Ocean. Who has given us amazing poets like Aase Berg, my poetry birth mother. And many other awesomes. And for some reason, me. Some poems from an interesting phase in my life will be in next year’s pile.

There are ONLY SEVEN DAYS LEFT to reach the goal of 150 subscribers. This may not happen. But we want to believe it is possible. $50 is like, one trip to the grocery store. Or two fancy meals. Or the continued life of an entire small poetry press:

(taken from the BO blog) Black Ocean’s subscription drive continues! The 50th subscriber will recieve a Black Ocean t-shirt. And all June subscribers recieve a signed, limited-edition hardbound copy of Zachary Schomburg’s Fjords. Subscribe here.

Subscriptions are only $50 (30% off the cover price!) and you will recieve these amazing books:

Hunger Transit by Feng Sun Chen (Spring 2012)
Fjords by Zachary Schomburg (Spring 2012)
Handsome Vol. 4 (Spring 2012)
Dark Matter by Aase Berg, trans. Johannes Göransson (Fall 2012)
The Moon’s Jaw by Rauan Klassnik (Fall 2012)

In addition, subscriptions ordered before July 1st will receive A SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER COPY OF FJORDS!