Have you seen The Thing?

by Feng

The Thing is this alien parasite that attacks you, turns your body inside out, and then reconstructs your body and lives inside it. The reconstruction is exactly like you.

Influence is The Thing that waits for you in the dark. When you are alone. Then it becomes you.

Yes, it is astral/alien.  The Thing is ultimately anything alive, because you cannot tell when you’ve been influenced/infected/inspired. You can trust no one.

The Thing is ultimately dead. It can only live through others, through manipulation and possession.

It commits spectacular unsightlinesses.

Does that scene remind you of the boar in Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke?

What happens to birth? The Thing does not reveal the possibilities of reproduction, only replication. Also, there are no women in the movie.

Princess Mononoke is about the struggle to coexist. The Thing is literal coexistence. When the other becomes you. The fear of that.

There is a strained analysis that parallels the thing in transition with marginalized womanhood. Guts orifices and uteruses and stuff.

I don’t mind it because womanhood is made up. That is the thing.

I am of the tribe perpetually worried about being pregnant.

Because of money.

When I think about the world, which reaches out to me from the internet, everyone seems like a Thing.



But I believe that we can break out of Thingness.

I can’t say how. I haven’t.