by Feng


Am I singular or am I stupid? I am so so dumb. Dumb as a elephant
in clown suit. Dumb as a finger as a proboscis as a cyclopian eye
puckered flower thingling
for what does it mean to speak of flower now
that occur in a face
a blossoming face
my dumb neural disk face.
Mummy, where do I come from?
Where do krakens come from
whose whale bone sculptures dumb all over the ocean floor.
I pick up the babees
and put each one on a dumb fossil at the bottom of the sea.
I have grown tentacles because I am so dumb.
I use these tentacles to move the babees.
Telling each babees
you are the future.
You cannot yet imagine yourself
maybe that is better off.
I am putting glass bells over each babees
to collect the falling skinpetal.
On each skinpetal I embroider different tentacle touches.
You know what it will be like
when the seas dry up and the babees uncover.
Aliens take off the glass bell and the blind fingerlings stretch out
O it is not beautiful it is something else
tiny incomprehensile world of fingers
dumbly feeling again the life of matter.