Codex Seraphinianus: infinite inspiration

by Feng

click to go to an isuu upload of this amazing codex

Luigi Serifini’s disturbingly extensive, dutifully rendered and ultimately indecipherable exposition of the other realm, Codex Seraphinianus, is a nearly perfect vindication of the absence of those other tomes within the framework of reality and an inspiration for those with an inclination, despite the odds, to continue their aether-bound search for old gods and new worlds.

Though the three-hundred and seventy page volume has been in existence for nearly thirty earth years, it remains elusive; a rare book whose relative cultural invisibility has come to govern its reputation as a preeminent source of twentieth century human esoterica. Ironically, the advent of the twenty-first century has lent digital facilitation to the availability of the codex. You can buy any number of editions of it on Amazon for a few hundred clams – you can download a PDF of its innards too; its lack of physicality in the latter format adds a further layer of disturbance to the proceedings.