to see many she had the eyes of insects

by Feng


The water goat head hangs from the water goat tree
in auspice of alligator skin leaves.
Two gods
body of synaptic spaces
suffuse with autumn ruin and skinleaves
into the gapbody
of each other
in between the water goat head magnet
and the tree of alligator skins
continue in direction of flight
different feathers
one weathers.



Chinese skin with its own army of minds
unknown kindness
blunt by the motherwater of skypeople
imagined brother with the face of a sister
all over his hour body
chinese eyes
jungle frog need
pregnant with infinity of twins.
I see brother you and my sister inside you
inside the mouth my hairy black iris.
Heaven flocking with splinters
whistling toward me directionless
replete with intent
all of them sing my name richochet
cave walls the outline of alu alu
never remember.