by Feng

Am I the first subject? Not always! This is one if my many virtues, the love for disappearing.

I love sleeping and eating chocolate when I want it. Cats are my greatest joy, as is the recollection if my life for my lover, who fluctuates in a plane of boredom and invisibility, just like me. I like to write as if I am paralyzed, because I have a disease which makes me lose all desire or motivation for physical movement. I have no ambitions in life but to be carried. I love the typo, though I tend to correct them. My favorite foods are salty and greasy, and tend to lean towards the meat side, though thinking about meat makes me sad, but I have long moved beyond the attachment if meaning to emotions, and especially morality and virtues to emotions. None of it makes me a better “person” but it is also not simply that sorrow passes through me.

I am am am writing to tell this relaxing and the history if my family and how I came to live in the Jungle, which is where I met my best friends. The protagonist if this collection has not appeared yet but U can be sure that he or she is very interesting and sublime.

If here is one thing sure, it is that I am agonized by my memories, if by the selfish unconscious need to make the lonely flower of redemption even brighter. The only reason I can think if, for this sensitivity. What a stupid idea. I don’t believe in redemption, so it must be subconscious. I don’t believe in psychoanalysis, but in Freud’s sadness, and in Jung’s obscure and thus cutting pulchritude of dreams. I believe in their patients and victims. Many prophets have come before me and I am not a prophet if only one that does not do what prophets do. I wear glasses too. They are pink around the edges with slightly transparent rims so that U can see the grime and oil from my face that has crept between the plastic and the glass, amoeba like.

Sometimes I am full of love. It is same as being empty of love. So U see.

#inspiration by woman-voids