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” I don’t experience my work as a fixed and stable set of positions and terms, but as a sort of territory that I’m wandering across with a great deal of uncertainty and as a terrain that’s ever shifting and undergoing modification. I feel as if I’m perpetually forgetting things, as if things are constantly shifting and slipping away, and as if everything is constantly on the verge of flying apart or exploding. Yet as harrowing and as frustrating as this might be– somewhere Deleuze and Guattari remark that there is nothing more distressing than thoughts that slip away or fall apart –I also experience this precarious nature of the territory as a source of creativity that provides me with the energy and desire to keep writing and thinking. If I sometimes become overwhelmed by anxiety when being asked to pin things down, then this is because I experience such fixity as death. As Wayne of Wayne’s World says “to define me is to negate me!” This would, of course, entail that to define oneself is to commit suicide (in this regard, I really detest movement labels like “object-oriented ontology” or “onticology”; they reek of the obituaries).” -Levi Bryant

Larval Subjects .

In light of a discussion Tim and I have been having via email, I’ve found myself reflecting on my core obsessions. What is that thing or those things that haunt me at the core of thought, those issues that always return, those things that I can never quite get out of my head? This question might appear easy to answer. I’m obsessed with the nature of substance. I’m obsessed with local manifestation and virtual proper being. I’m obsessed with dynamisms. I’m obsessed with questions of why people treat each other in such horrific and cruel ways and with questions of why we tolerate so many forms of brutal oppression. While I’m certainly obsessed with all of these things, they also feel like embroidery on the edge of a pillow surrounding a deeper and more fundamental obsession. Reflecting on a recent exchange between us, Tim asks

I’m still inclined to ask…

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