Book Review: Butcher’s Tree by Feng Sun Chen

by Feng

Book Review: Butcher’s Tree by Feng Sun Chen.

Hey! Someone was kind enough to write a review of my first book book. It’s smart and full of philosophy and math. Justin also has lots of other great review to read on his blog. Thank you, Justin, for swimming in the broth of my butchery.

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If, as Iris Murdoch may have said, “philosophy is often a matter of finding occasions on which to say the obvious,” perhaps poetry is often a matter of creating opportunities to mention our common, everyday experiences. As in Feng Sun Chen’s “Concerning Nothing,” whose seven sections each begin with an abstraction, which is then torn through until the emotion giving blood to the thought is exposed:

1.    By finite, I mean a thing caught in time, thing that changes

and eventually loses the original qualities that made it such.

Starfish, one might suspect, are not finite.

They move decisively through the lava of time.

The cat on my lap is finite.

I will watch it go through the various stages of adorability, change, fatten,

perhaps wither, definitely die; and its body will become the worm or it

may be cast into a blue flame and turned into dust.

My pet…

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