not like the old days

by Feng


You will meet someone with passions
several hundred passions.
Having a title with two names one is your name
is being half naked.
I once wrote poems with power and muscularity
masked by weakness
now I embody the mask of weakness.
The mask of weakness
always winking, nasty as winking.
I have stopped bathing because health is distracting.
I have stopped thinking ahead of myself,
making lunch, things like that,
because I need to be more in the soreness.
At present, there is soreness all around us.
The entire throat of my throat throws itself.
Puppet world
lopsided because of you.
You are more important than my husband
because I will die with you.
I have known this because I have seen your passions.
I will never save anyone, not one anything.
So many rabbits have died under my nose.
But now it is time for me to abandon you.
It’s the only way we can be together.
Everytime I see you.