submit, my lurves

by Feng

The Claudius App, an online journal of negative reviews and poems, is now accepting submissions for its third issue, deadline June 5th.  The second issue, an avant-post-Fordist labor product digitally congealed at, included work by or attributed to: Brian Ang, Sara Deniz Akant, Jerimee Bloemke, Feng Sun Chen, Patrick James Dunagan, Pierre Klossowski, Purdey Kreiden, Ben Lerner, Mark Levine, Anthony Madrid, Chris Martin, Jessica Marsh, Jeff Nagy, Tim Shaner, Josh Stanley, Jonty Tiplady, Cathy Wagner, Elisabeth Workman, and your dreams, with a splash by Ian Hatcher.  Send fast poems, negative reviews, and letters with a self-addressed stamped brick for your manuscript’s eternal return, or query for more information.

Private lives are just that and your private eyes are something else, but as long as the private’s on tour there is no private art.  In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is not lacking for employment opportunities.  And we all know the workers don’t need any lessons from the students any less than the lessons themselves.  What estate are we at anyway?

Reader, do I make you litigious?  You’re already no longer young forever, so gas the giant up and philosophize with your hummer.  “How stupid are you?  Don’t you know these people are rich?”  Well, I came for the credential and stayed for the canapes, totally over paying my lap service for a limp sum.  A desire a bargain basement thou shalt have it sort of thing.

I always knew that licorice tasted like assholes even before I’d tasted an asshole so imagine my total lack of surprise when I turned out to be right.  The primary mortal deficiency remains art in all its forms.  The secondary vice we’ll negotiate at the convention.  Strap on your EZ-Pass and meet us on the bridge.