Peggy Piggy

by Feng

I recently changed all the “pig”s in my writing in Pork Trial into “peg”s. Now it is Peggy O.



Peg = Pig in certain tongues
Other dialects

Meaning: Its source is margaron, a Greek name meaning “Pearl.”
Origin: “margaron.”
Nickname For: Margaret and Peggy
Popularity: The name Peg ranked 3778th in popularity for females of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.
Though this name appears on the 1990 U.S. Census lists, it is used by only a small percentage of the general population.
Narrative: This name came into use among English speakers by way of Latin (as Margarita) and Old French (as Marguerite). It has been closely identified with Scotland, to the point that one commentator has pronounced it ”the national Scottish female name.”
However, in the late 20th century it has been most prominently borne by Englishwoman Margaret Thatcher, the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister.
quote: “I drooled more as “Ceboom” jeans and boots sporting mayor Mike Rama has concluded on his speech in English (Cebuanos are not good in Tagalog, they are a disaster. They pronounced “pig” as “peg” “shit” as “shet”) to us mostly Filipino-speaking delegates of the National Hog Summit at the convention hall of the swanky Water Front Hotel & Casino”


Violin Peg

Peg Puzzle


Reading an interview with Kristeva by Sylvere Lotringer, I come across a statement about mixture. She talks about her theory of the abject, how religions produce and take aim at the abject. Art is deeply related to religion and has a history of being responsible for “purification,” so in that way it is structured around catharsis– Aristotle’s ladders. Pigs, like art, have a fraught rhetorical history. The art I am drawn to are not pure, this art does not achieve catharsis. It simply runs and runs. Someone is overwhelmed by connections. Too many holes causes deflation and collapse, but these are not closures, a collapse is another hole. It probably has to do with the aperture of the internet, which has made violence and identity ambient.

I am myself uncomfortable with the use of the word “peg” in this book because it is neither the peg or the pig, it refers to both and neither. I like it that way, but my training as a purifier doesn’t let me relax. I like this tension. It sits between inert and organic, death and life, plant and animal, error and movement. It reads like a wrong word because it is mispelled. A vowel has been exchanged. It is a kind of clot that opens. The pig is especially devious as a non-kosher animal, because it has split hooves, but is not ruminant, (both are requirements to be kosher). It is the only non-kosher animal with split-hooves. All other split hooved animal are edible.

Non-kosher animals are impure in that they do not respect separation between states/identities: Kristeva says in the interview:

For example, there are animals that have elements, paws or other attributes, that are thought to be attributes of beings who inhabit the earth. These are animals that inhabit the water, but have the attributes of animals that live on land. In other words, they find themselves straddling land and sea. And starting from this crossroads situation, this non-respect of the land-sea separations, let’s say, [separations] of the attributes that belong to two categories, these animals would be considered impure. So one sees that the idea of defilement [taint] in fact concerns a non-respect of structure.

Pigs are also impure for being omnivores and scavengers.

See a peg, and it looks like something cloven, almost a hoof. It attaches by pinching, and is itself only because it is pinched together itself by a wire or string, or because it is slit. It is used for drying laundry, a traditionally womanly activity and very much a lower-class staple. In the movie industry, it is called a bullet or ammo, being worn around a lighting agent’s waist, it is also used to prevent celebrities’ straws from falling into their drinks. I use a bullet to keep my cheese bags closed, cereal fresh.

Links for context:

Some of my pig poems are in Ugly Fish and this blog (see poems) but all the pigs are pegs now in my working version. pig poem:

Fourth (pigfish) is copyright Mutable Realms. modeled in 3ds max textured in Deep Paint 3d

Pig fish piggy banks can be found in Asia. I think the pig and the fish are auspicious there. So that’s another layer of stuff to my peg.