a fortune cookie told me

by Feng



“sever your ignorant self doubt with the sword of self knowledge”

sever your ignorant self doubt with the sword of self knowledge

why does Lana look so sad?

Feelings have become like fabric

you can stylize them to suit how you see yourself inside

but I don’t have self knowledge

I just want to be close to something human and my techniques are limited

I live in a house of squalor

but I don’t know how to love splendor

it’s cool to write about celebrities because they simulate something that tells us

the nature of truth

but I am writing about the body in need

of miracles

and the fact that when I am hungry and tired I don’t love my mother

there is a lot to do

and I have miles to sleep before work tomorrow

beauty suffuses the world and I have the power to take you out of context

as my power grows, everything falls away

you only see the eloquent flatness of paradise

but this is not it

what I see in people is more shallow than beauty and more deep

with self unknowing I remember this