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ourflowishard: OUR FLOW IS HARD/TARNISH AND GOLD PRESENT:  THE RUSTIC VOLCANO READING DATE: SATURDAY, JULY 28th  TIME: 8 PM (READING WILL START NO LATER THAN 8:30 PM.)  LOCATION: The Foundry Building/349 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55414 we like the alleyway. the alleyway is the pretty darkness between buildings where the garbage settles into smoking its […]

dislocatemag: NO NEED TO WAIT THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE SWIMMING — OUR NEWEST ISSUE IS QUITE DIGESTIBLE AND CRAMP-FREE. Luke Reiter, Paula Cisewski, Eric Lorberer and Maggie Ryan Sanford. YES! come to our party.

Pyura chilensis, a sea creature that lives on the rocky coast of Chile and Peru.



kristen-stone: so this came today.  yay, i’m reading w/ this girl in florida!

februaryy: Issue 8 of Red Lightbulbs features so so many good things.  I’m not even going to try to list them. i’m in here! thanks to carrie for introducing me to this rag (Source: http://redlightbulbs.net)

ourflowishard: Minneapolis, come.  http://www.facebook.com/events/399771550061467/ Thursday, June 21, 2012 8:00pm 3220 S. Garfield Ave S. #105 OUR FLOW IS HARD is a collective of girlpoets bent on flooding the place, a small dam of sticks that like to make and hear sounds. would you like to come make and hear sounds too? we have picked out some […]

mermaid / alison schulnik

friedlanduh: posthumanpoetry: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Unbecoming: An Anthology of Posthuman Poetry In the twenty-first century poetry interfaces with animal-machine. The “human” is not a given concept, but rather is one that is made in an ongoing technological and anthropological process. We hope to publish an anthology of poetry that participates in technological, biological, representational, sexual, […]

coming soon to kickstarter & submittable…